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Bulky waste and Reuse tips

Bulky waste, Electrical items and Reuse tips

Do you have an item you no longer want or need, but it is still useable, and fit for purpose? It could be used by someone else or put to a different use.

Please consider other alternatives below before you book a bulky collection here.

Donate to charity 

You can donate many items to charity, such as clothing, books and ornaments.

Please contact your local charity shop for more information on what items they can accept.

Donating furniture and other large items, such as washing machines, to charity is a great way to reuse items and help people at the same time. There are a variety of methods to help you donate the items as easily as possible.

Staffordshire Furniture Reuse Network

The Staffordshire Furniture Reuse Network are a group of community run ‘not-for-profit’ or charity organisations that specialise in selling hugely discounted second hand furniture to the most in need, mainly low income families, or people setting up home for the first time. The organisation is made up of projects that collect unwanted good quality furniture throughout Staffordshire and Stoke. The type of furniture that they reuse typically include beds, sofas, tables and chairs. Some of the projects also specialise in electrical goods such as washing machines and fridge freezers.

  • Reusable furniture only – we undertake cleaning and minor repairs.
  • Furniture will need to be inspected before we agree to collect.
  • Soft furnishings such as suites, easy chairs and beds must carry a flame retardant label.
  • From time to time, our collectors may not be able to accept your items. This is usually because the item may require too much repair work or does not meet current legislation regarding soft furnishings. If this is the case, they will explain the reasons why.
  • If we believe the furniture is not suitable for resale, you will be expected to make your own arrangements for disposal through the household recycling centres or bulky waste collection services offered through your council.
  • When you donate items you will be helping somebody who is living on very low wages or emergency support.

Tel: 01782 846111
Registered Charity No. 1020523

Repair Cafes

Do you have a broken item?

If you have a broken item that you’d like fixing but don’t know how, don’t bin it, fix it at one of Staffordshire’s Repair Cafes.

As a nation we are consuming resources at a faster rate than the planet can support. We need to try and reduce the amount of new stuff we buy and to keep the things we do have in use for longer. 

Volunteer repairers are available to mend a range of items from electrical goods to clothing, garden tools, furniture and bikes. Where possible you will sit with the repairer and you may get some new skills to allow you to mend or repurpose things in the future.

The repair cafés do not serve food, but they do offer light refreshments and a fantastic community service, sharing their knowledge to prolong the life of your much loved items.

Check the Facebook page for the next event or contact by email:

Give it away 

Have you offered the item to your friends and family? Maybe cousin Sue is looking for a new bed and you need to get rid of a perfectly good bad to make room for your new one? Maybe work colleague Dan needs a new fridge and you need to get rid of a workable fridge as you’re moving to a new house with a built in one? Ask around and get them to collect it, saving you the time, effort and cost of transporting to the tip!

Swap shop websites are becoming more popular; there are many websites which can be used to give away unwanted items, while picking up a few things you do want, all for free!
Visit Freegle at
Visit Freegive at

Sell it 

Why not get rid of your item and make a few quid too? There are a variety of online selling arenas, such as ebay or Gumtree. Advertising in the local paper, or news agent’s window is a good idea, or you could try selling off lots of items in one go at a car boot sale.

Upcycle it 

This new trend means to turn a battered old item into a stylish new item by revamping it.

  • Could you paint the wooden set of draws so they match the new colour scheme in your bedroom, instead of getting rid of them?
  • Could you cut the legs of your jeans with the holes in the new, to create a cool pair of shorts?
  • Could you use empty glass bottles and jars as alternative vases for flowers?
  • Could you collect the beads from that broken necklace to make a new bracelet?

Get creative! Not only does this create bespoke items no one else with have, but it can save you lots of money too.

Book a Bulky waste or electrical item

If you explored all alternatives listed above you can book a collection for your large items or electrical items at a cost.