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School visits

Welcome to our dedicated schools webpage. We are here to help.

Reducing, reusing and recycling waste at school is good for the environment. It enriches the curriculum, helps schools to become more sustainable and can result in money savings. 

An effective way to reduce waste and recycle at school is to have a whole school approach. From teachers to children and parents so that responsibility for embedding waste minimisation and recycling is shared and acted upon across the home and school.

The eco-session 

This is a session of activities with a waste, recycling and environmental theme. It is suitable for all ages.

It could include a recycling litter pick or a classroom chat about how to recycle and what happens to all your recycling once it leaves the school grounds.

Contact us

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We offer free talks and workshops in the community about waste collections, recycling and food waste. Please get in touch here to email for more details or choose a date in the calendar below.

In 2022 we took a converted bin wagon – Dennis to the rescue to schools. Jean Todd, executive councillor for climate change, environment and community safety, said: “This is a great opportunity for primary schools to get a free educational visit from our waste team and give their pupils a fun workshop to help them understand recycling.