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Our Services

Waste Management

AES collects and disposes of recycling and waste from over 100,000 households and commercial premises across Staffs Moorlands and the High Peak. For more information about our residential waste collections visit the Waste and Recycling pages:

If you have an enquiry relating to commercial waste collections, please visit our dedicated commerical waste pages: 

Services we offer

  • Collection of commercial waste
  • Collection of dry recycling, Organic waste and non-recyclable waste

Benefits of working with Alliance

  • Cost effective collection and disposal of your commercial recycling and waste
  • Working with the leader in the field of waste management

Bartec Incab Technology

Bartec map

What is it?

Bartec is the UK’s most popular RCV, sweeper and municipal vehicle in-cab system. Millions of households have their waste collected every week by crews using Bartec.

Crews have live work and safety information with routing and data collection. It allows real time communication between collection crews and back office / customer service teams.

What does it do?

Crews are able to see their rounds on the screen as well as other information such as assisted collections and hazard information.  We use Bartec to record bins not presented, road blockages, access issues, contamination etc in “real time”. 

Bartec street information

How does it work?

Safe working starts with good route design, making sure the crews know where they are going, what risks they will encounter and how best to approach each street.

Having Bartec allows domestic collections routes have up-to-date risk assessments for each street and highlights single-sided, reverse-in and drive out loading streets. The information is shown in-cab as the driver approaches.

Time constraints for schools, places of worship and route features are embedded so we can inform crews of exclusion arrangements.   

Bartec map image

What does it mean for me?

Using the Council’s websites residents can access their collection day information, this is pulled form the information held in Bartec.  If residents have a missed collection when they log this via the website it will alert them if an issue has been logged by the crew. If bins were contaminated or inaccessible, for example, it may not be possible to report the bin as missed. 

Bartec bin information